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Galactic Republic
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The Bastion
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Greetings, I am C9-J4.

Welcome to the Apex of Destiny website. ApoD operates on the Republic side of the PvP server, "The Bastion." ApoD is dedicated to having a fun and mature atmosphere. We expect respect between members and from our members to those not a part of the guild. We're not a stuck up serious guild, but we do prefer maturity amongst our ranks. We will be holding many guild events including Warzones, Flashpoints, Operations and World PvP. If you are new to the game, or even MMO's, no problem! We'd love to help you learn the game and the mechanics of the game.

If this guild interests you go ahead and apply to the guild on this website and send an in-game message to Dreth, Jer'och, or another guild member. Thanks!

May the Force be with you!

EV Norm 5/5
EV Hard (8) 4/5
Guild News

DKP Rules

ShalomLegacy, Mar 2, 12 11:47 PM.

You earn DKP as we complete Guild related Hard Mode/Nightmare OPs. DKP is used during Raids (Ops) to 'buy' gear. DKP is a bid based system that has predetermined prices for everything. The officer in charge will announce which piece of gear is up for bid and can tell how much DKP each person has should they need to know. DKP will be updated on the website at the end of each raid, but the DKP during the current raid will still be eligible for use. Bids will be whispered to the raid/Ops officer in charge. The item will be awarded to the highest bidder for the amount of the second highest bidder +1. It is the responsibility of the raid officer to update the website or to notify Dreth with DKP earned/spent in the event that Dreth is not there. BOP gear wanted for companions that no one wants will be randomized to the raid. BOE that no one wants will go to Dreth (or sent to him if he isn't there) so he can sell it for the Guild Bank.

DKP Earned:
200 DKP per Boss

DKP Minimum and Maximum Bids:

  • Tier Tokens – 300-900 DKP
  • Main Hand Weapon – 200-600 DKP
  • Non Tier Main Piece (Head, Chest, Legs, Boots, Gloves) – 150-450 DKP
  • Accessory (Belt, Bracer, OH, Relics, Ear Piece, Implants) – 125-375 DKP
  • Modifications – 100-300 DKP

·         In the event of normal mode master loot being incorporated all DKP values will be halved for gear boss kills etc.


8000 DKP cap and;

DKP Degradation at officers discretion.

10% every month

70% every patch

Player A, B and C raid and kill 3 bosses. At 200 DKP a piece each has 600 DKP. (Remember This)

Both players want a Lightsaber. 

Player A bids 300, Player B bids 275 and Player C bids 200. Player A wins and is charged 276 DKP.

You may go negative into DKP on your bids. However, you will not be able to bid if you are negative. (Negative bids can be made if no one else wants the piece of gear.) For instance, Player A has 300 DKP, Player B has 250 DKP. And a tier token drops. Player A doesn't bid, player B bids 300, player B now has -50 DKP and cannot bid again until positive. However, if another piece of gear drops and Player A does not want the piece, Player B can go further in the hole for the drop.

In the event of a tie: In the event of the equal bids, there will be a loot council and things such as best upgrade, guild activity, helpfulness etc. will be taken into account and a decision will be made. Loot council will consist of the officers (if officers are rolling they will not be included).

If no one wants a piece of gear, said piece will then be available for bid for companions and if no one wants it then, the piece will go to the raid leader who MUST sell it on the GTN or vendor trash it and put the proceeds into the guild bank. The funds will be held by Dreth until the guild bank is up.

Guild Site is up and running!

The_Jer, Jan 25, 12 5:16 PM.
Hey guys! Jer'och here, just saying thanks for joining the guild and if you haven't you should! Go ahead and apply for the guild and we'll get you started up on the site! Again, thanks for joining and I am looking forward to having a great time playing our favorite Star Wars mmo together!

May the Force be with you!
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The_Jer (Jer'och) 400
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The_Jer (Jer'och) 400
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czp420 (Aksurus) 400
godmode (Godmode) 400
Kukan (Shelb) 400
Soildus (Soildus) 400
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Kukan (Shelb) 400
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